Boy, we were wrong. It took me two days. I have read every page of SO, google, reddit, mozilla and ton of other sites. None helped me with the issue. I had even a dream about that issue, which scared me a little.

I had a backup workaround ready (and working), but that was not BP. So, when I lost almost all hope, I took a five. Then it came to me (like that pigeon which comes just to crap on my balcony - unexpected). By the end of the day I had the solution done and working. Man I was so happy I finally solved it.

That is the thing I like about software development: You came across a difficult task, not knowing if you are able to solve it, but when you finally do, that feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming. You feel like you are on top of the world. For several minutes/hours, until the next damn issue comes.