Few months ago I received an e-mail to my personal address stating that the sender wants to buy some solar panels.

At first I was thinking "On another spam/scam e-mail. That's nice. Haven't received one of those in a long time". So I did not pay much attention to it. But then I decided to investigate a little bit. I wanted to know from where they got my e-mail, what is that site about.

I visited the page. It was really badly made. It had some solar panels as products, looked kind of fishy.

I went to contact page and there it was. My e-mail address as primary contact for buying solar panels. I was like what the hell, how did they got my email. I did the best thing what came to my mind: contacting the hosting service and asking them to take down the site or make the author change that e-mail address.

In my mail to them I wrote that I am not the author of that site, I do not remember creating it and I do not identify with it. I told them that it looks like scam and that I do not want to have my e-mail address on that site.

While I was waiting for their response I did not want to just sit idly and I went one up from there. I thought: "well this hosting service is known for some weak spots. What about a little DDoS?"

As a SO developer I went to google and looked at some tools. I do not remember names of these tools, but one was something like Orbit Laser or ... It had the word Orbit in it.

I got 2-3 DDoS tools to one of my "non-trackable" servers (just kidding) and fired them up on that site. I even used some cmd DDoS tools. I am really bad with remembering names of tools I have used once or twice, sorry. After a while the site went down. Using isitdownrightnow I checked if it is really down and it was. I was happy. Like a kid that receives a lollipop.

It took it down for few hours, so I repeated it for a few days until I got response from the hosting service.

They said there is an account registered with my e-mail address and that I should recover password. So I did that. They sent me a recovery email, I changed the password and logged in. Once I logged in I saw 3 websites hosted on their service. And then it knocked me.

These are the sites I did as an high school project. 10 YEARS AGO. I was laughing so hard, I totally forgot about them. Instantly I remembered everything. Sitting in class creating websites. Making funny descriptions so everyone knows they are fake sites.

Now I knew why the site looked fishy and had ton of russian comments asking about the solar panels. Reading these comments made me laugh again. After I stopped laughing I clicked "delete site" and that was it. No more solar panels.

TLDR; I DDoSed my own site.