As I mentioned in the Blog Creation post I started with Ghost. After my free trial endend I was trying to host Ghost on my server. Problem is: I have Windows Server in Azure. Documentation for this case is not so well done.
Of course I tried recommended linux setup, but that just could not work. In the end I got it to work somehow, but it took me too much time and was not even worth it so I dropped this stack.

Then I tried Strapi. That one was slightly better, but still no proper documentation for Azure Windows. In the end I get it to work, but then another problem appeared. FE (with SSL) was making request to http BE, which is wrong.

Later I found CMS.js. Which is basically some FE Client rendering MD files. Yeah!
It was not so bad. I kind of like. The absence of hosting a server is pretty nice. But still not enough.

While browsing reddit and stuff I came across Sanity. Pretty little helper. Connected it with Github and Netlify (later I revoked these connections) and it deployed a pretty nice blog. Buuuuut, still not enough. I mean, this was the easiest thing to deploy, but it lacked something.

And then, later today I went to Netlify CMS and just clicked the Preact CLI - deploy to netlify button. It created a Github repo, deployed to Netlify and that was it. Well this one reads Markdown files as well, but currently I am most satisfied with. It needed a lot of customisation to get it to look like I wanted, too many unnecessary default thing. Deleted all of those, played a little bit with the router. Replaced assets and fixed code blocks inside of the markdown files. Well, it is not much but as I said, currently it it best from them all. I hope Netlify account will be still free.
Anyway, I am still loking for a perfect CMS (I guess I will give a try to .... myself :D ).

Keep waiting :)